Matthew Anderson

About Us

Many of our clients have come to us from large institutions, including Private Banks, where they found it difficult to form a personal relationship with an adviser.  It became obvious to them that they were only one of many hundreds of clients.  

At SPW you will be one of a select number of highly valued clients.  Our aim is to build strong, long lasting and personal relationships so you feel confident in delegating your financial life to us.

Individual Solutions
After many years in the industry we have increasingly witnessed corporate profits being placed ahead of the client-advisor relationship.  This has typically led to advisers being pressured to distribute generic in-house product. We believe large institutions and smaller, institutionally aligned practices will continue to struggle with the conflict between profit margin and meeting clients’ individual requirements. 

We have removed ourselves from this conflict.  We work for no one but our clients, allowing us to take a proactive approach that focusses on each client’s unique needs and objectives. 

When did it become accepted practice to not return a client’s phone call?  Or fail to follow through on a commitment to a client?  

We are a small firm and we believe in getting the fundamentals right.  This starts with simple values, service and attention to detail.  We are always available to you and will always respond in a timely manner. 


We are committed to delivering a truly bespoke advice offering in a cost effective manner.  

The individual solutions offered to our clients are designed to be the best and most cost effective available, underpinned by one of our key investment philosophies – simplicity